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Whether it be a Hospital, Nursing Home, Assisted Living or other Care Facility where End of Life is a natural part of daily life, East End Doula Care is available to assist. We offer an eight-hour block of time to the facility unless other arrangements are made. As an End of Life Doula, there are a variety of services we bring. A personal End of Life Doula is a valuable branch to offer your community. The one on one attention is a compliment to both medical teams and hospice services. Call today to learn more about our personal service. 

Below you will find just a few of the services we offer your patients. 

Ask about our "Sacred Wish" passage. Making Last Wishes come true is an amazing honor!

Browse around our website and you'll see the plethora of services a Doula can bring into your organization. Sitting by the bedside, holding space, creating a sacred environment and being a liaison between the family and medical teams is just the beginning

We are there to help where needed the most. 

We guide and support the family, create any legacy projects, make amends and arrange communication with family. We provide a beautiful "Sacred Wish" service that helps fulfill the last wishes of an individual before they leave our world. We are filling a major gap between the family and staff.

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