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Coming Full Circle

Grief Ceremony


For families who are grieving, want to feel peace & comfort - 

and need help getting started.

Personalized Grief Ceremony's in the comforting safe space of your home,

 to assist in grieving, honoring and celebrating your loved one after they've passed.

All Grief Ceremony's are meant to honor all beliefs, all walks of life, and are meant to restore connection and give a foundation to help everyone understand and be more present with one another through peace and comfort.

The Benefits of Having a FamilyGrief Ceremony

  • Attending a Grief Ceremony allows you to bring healing into the space and participate in an experience together that allows you to honor your loved one. 

  • Holding a Grief Ceremony is a way of giving time, care and attention to a person who's passed, it gives you the opportunity to attend a personal experience that will further the legacy and memory of your loved one.

  • A Grief Ceremony allows you to honor your loved one's life and celebrate them with the closest people in your circle in one sacred space.

  • Loss and Grief are an ongoing process in our lives. A Grief Ceremony can be held once or several times during your journey. Grief changes over time. Follow ups are on Long Island in person or nationwide via zoom.

  • A Grief Ceremony allows each person to bring their individual feelings and emotions and know that they have a safe container to be honest and vulnerable in. 

  • A Grief Ceremony can take place right after your loss, or many years after. This is a space to feel what you need to feel.

  • A Grief Ceremony provides you with the beginning of staying connected after the ceremony ends  and can provide you with a continued support system, this in invaluable. 

  • A Grief Ceremony is a wonderful healing mechanism to use during the hardest time in a family's life. Sharing and participating is an act of healing. There can be laughing, crying, reflecting, remembering, storytelling, dancing, eating etc.

    It allows a vulnerability that will comfort everyone in a safe space.

A Grief Ceremony can also be a gift or offering to a friend or family member who's experienced a loss.

 Our love doesn't go away, our grief is a continual journey and we set the space to honor this. 

How We Help

We help guide you and your loved ones through a journey that is a personal and planned ceremony. We provide all the tools needed to guide and support your close circle every step of the way. In a two hour time frame, each person gently participates in the ceremony as we recognize and highlight your loved one's life and the lives of everyone in your circle who's loved them. 

East End Doula Care is located on Long Island in New York. If you are located outside of this and would still like to host a Family Grief Ceremony, contact us to review virtual options.

A Few Tools That We Bring to a Grief Ceremony

Please note that although your personal gathering is structured during the two hours we are together, that during our consultation, there may be additions and alternate preferences that can be adjusted and incorporated into the ceremony. Below is a sampling of the tools incorporated into your gathering ... and more.

  • Free Consultation and Outline of event

  • Invitations

  • Extensive materials and prompts to provide a serene ambiance in the room

  • Golden Thread for a ceremonial practice

  • Messaging material for ceremonial prompts

  • Flowers for a ceremonial practice

  • Soft background music

        Light Refreshments provided by you. 

        Example: Bottled water and crudité platter.

  • Note to self cards

  • Meditation stones

  • Deep Breathing exercise

  • Storytelling and Reflection

  • Visualization Practice

  • Photo Sharing

  • Best Practices / Setting up Space / Review of Therapeutic ways to move forward with love and light in your heart.

What our customers are saying

The passing of my spouse was overwhelming and too much for any of us to comprehend. The brief funeral service we had didn't help us to properly begin healing. East End Doula's "Grief Ceremony" let us all sit together, breathe and take a minute to share and connect with one another to help our family continue to move forward. 

Thank you for an experience that helped us all to do that.

Deborah James - Long Island New York

Next Steps

  • Call to Schedule a Free Consultation @ 631.946-8100 or

  • Fill out your information and we will get right back to you, @

  • We will walk you through the process of the Grief Ceremony and understand how it will be a comforting and connecting experience for all.

Ted Talk Video

When we grieve the loss of a loved one, moving on doesn't seem to be an option. This is a fabulous 15 minute talk about grief  that will provide you insight into the most challenging time of our lives.

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