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"Hear Your Loved One's Voice Forever"

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“Forever My Voice” is an incomparable gift that will, indeed, last forever in your family’s history. This project is the latest piece in Susan Capurso’s array of legacy services that provide wondrous, creative ways for individuals to celebrate their lives—who they truly are, and what memories, hopes, and wisdom they wish to impart to their families for years to come. “Forever My Voice” offers what many of us long for when our loved ones pass on— sometimes suddenly and unexpectedly—the emotional comfort of hearing their voice, yet again.  It may not only provide your family members with solace when you're gone, but offer a treasured gift that can be presented to your loved one on joyous occasions you share in life."

—Ron Roel

Author, Caregiving Navigator and Host, 45 Forward Podcast

Welcome to Forever My Voice:
A Legacy Project that Changes Lives

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working on numerous legacy projects, but Forever My Voice holds a special place in my heart. It has always been my mission to make a meaningful impact, and this project embodies that philosophy tenfold.

Over five years ago, an emotional moment deeply affected me. A woman held my hand, tears welling in her eyes, and uttered, "Susan, what I would give to hear his voice just one more time." As and end-of-life doula, I've experienced touching sentiments like this, however, it was only days later when a husband broke down crying saying the exact same thing to me. "I'd give anything to hear her voice again." These heartfelt pleas resonated with me, and the desire to provide a solution never left my mind. It was then that the concept of a simple recorder by one's bedside, ready to play cherished memories, was born. Now, through Forever My Voice, this cherished dream has become a reality.

Many individuals in our communities urgently need this project to come to fruition in their lives. This should not be a fleeting thought; it's a vital endeavor that requires immediate action. Just as we diligently plan and organize our financial affairs, it is time to complete the missing piece of the puzzle – a piece that only your heart can fill. You now have a way to transform time by leaving a lasting legacy of love to soothe their hearts, comfort their souls and bring serenity into their life.

Several Motivations Behind the Creation of 'Forever My Voice'

First Responders

Elevating the concept of "protecting your family" through their

daily sacrifice.

Gardening Together

Older Adults

A nurturing solution for seniors, ensuring their wisdom, experience, and love guide and support their family and future generations.

Father and Daughter

Younger Parents

Life can change in a heartbeat. Safeguarding your young children as they mature is crucial.

Allow them to hear your wisdom, aspirations, dreams, and affection for them as they grow, articulated in your own voice.

 FOREVER MY VOICE - Share Your Story, Leave Your Legacy 

Are you ready to transform heartfelt moments into timeless audio treasures? FOREVER MY VOICE offers a unique opportunity to capture and preserve your most cherished memories in a deeply personal format. This beautiful project began with individuals who've lost a loved on in their life, longing to hear their voice once again. 

The project has unfolded all on it's own to encapsulate many individuals looking to have their heartfelt sentiments intimately recorded and preserved. Whatever your reason, FOREVER MY VOICE will guide you with the prompts you need to ensure your thoughts and love are transformed into a a magical treasure that will last for many years to come. You've already seen a few reasons above, here are a few more reasons to begin today.

  • New Parents: Embrace the journey of parenthood by creating a heartfelt audio legacy for your child. Share your hopes, dreams, and life lessons to be treasured for years to come.

  • Milestone Celebrations: Commemorate graduations, retirements, anniversary's and career achievements with a personalized audio memoir, adding an extra layer of meaning to the occasion.

  •  Couples in Love: Express your feelings, memories, and promises to each other in a unique and enduring format, celebrating your love and commitment. Certainly a favorite. There is no gift you can give that parallels with this one.

  • Families Separated by Distance: Stay connected and preserve your stories for future generations, bridging the gap between loved ones spread across different locations.

  • Individuals Facing Health Challenges: Find solace and empowerment in recording your personal narratives, providing a source of strength and inspiration for yourself and your loved ones.

  • Community Leaders and Advocates: Share your experiences, insights, and visions, leaving a lasting imprint on your causes and amplifying your impact.

Build lasting memories and strengthen the bonds with your loved ones. There are countless reasons to welcome
FOREVER MY VOICE into your life, and we're here to assist you in doing just that.


Please contact us at 631.946.8100 with any questions or to schedule our zoom session. Below you will find the process,

you'll see how the steps will flow and what to expect when you take part in the FOREVER MY VOICE project. 

  • Initial Phone Conversation:

    • We will have a phone conversation to introduce ourselves and so I can explain the entire process to you. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and address any questions or concerns you may have.

  • Setting the Zoom Session:

    • Once we have agreed upon the details, including the date and time, we will set a date on the calendar.

  • Payment:

    • Payment in full will be made on the day of this initial call once the date is set.

  • Questionnaire:

    • You will receive a set of questions via email to review before our scheduled session (More details will be given on our phone call.)

  • Zoom Link:

    • The Zoom session link will be emailed to you prior to our scheduled meeting.

  • Zoom Session Duration:

    • Plan on approximately 2 hours for our meeting to ensure we capture your thoughts and messages effectively, it could be less time.

  • Recording Process:

    • During our Zoom meeting, a PowerPoint screen will be shared, with each question displayed at the right time during your recorded letter.

  • Conclusion of Session:

    • Our session will come to an end once all questions have been addressed, and you have completed your recording.

  • Professional Audio Engineering:

    • Your audio will be professionally transformed by and expert audio engineer to ensure a high-quality grade. The audio will then be transferred to
      your personal radio.

  • Packaging and Delivery:

  • Your radio, bonus legacy journal in all of its beautiful packaging, will be dropped off via USPS, ensuring a safe delivery.

     .Tracking Information:

  • You will be emailed the tracking information for your fully insured legacy gift, providing peace of mind.


I am personally committed to making this process as smooth and meaningful as possible for you and your loved ones. Thank you for entrusting FOREVER MY VOICE with your very important and life changing project.

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