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Celebrating Life With a Beautiful Eulogy is 

Honoring a Loved One's Lifetime

Need to Write a Eulogy and Don't Know Where to Begin? 

During this time, you should not have the added worry or responsibility to get this done in the time you have allotted. Most times, the​ family doesn't even think of needing a eulogy until after their loved one passes. 

Do you really need one? No. Do you really want one? Yes.


Honoring our loved ones is a tradition that everyone deserves. This tradition is practiced worldwide. It gives us closure and helps us to mourn thereafter. There are words that evoke tears and many others that will bring smiles and joy to everyone who knew them.


So while it isn't necessary, it's beautiful. Yes, you can have your nephew stand and speak for a minute on how much he loved his grandpa, this is beautiful. You can also put together a eulogy that describes his personality through the years, his love, strengths and the reasons you were blessed to have him in your life.


Learning about him, celebrating his life and honoring him, will shine a light on the love you all shared with him. Don't we all deserve this? I believe we do. 

I am Susan Capurso, End-of-Life Doula, Legacy and Digital Course Creator and 4x Author. I've written hundreds of eulogies and I've read them for families on the day of the service as well. My suggestion is to have a family member read the eulogy I create it, however, they know the emotions that go with every sentence on the page. 

However, if you need me as a reader, I'll be there for you as well.


The process is simple. Call to arrange an appointment. It can be with anyone of the person's closest family members. Probably on Zoom, I'll learn all about them and get a feel for the person they were. I'll take notes and details. I'll contact you quickly with the completed version for review. I provide one edit on any major changes and email it back to you complete and ready to be read.

Feel Free to contact me anytime to order your personalized and unique eulogy or with any questions you may have.

What our customers are saying

My family could never have done such a beautiful job for my Grandpa like you did. Not only were the words and memories on the paper written beautifully, the emotion that you evoked in the church were powerful and filled with love. Thank you for a memory my 

family can treasure forever.

Erica - Granville NY

Eulogy Writing Services

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Private Eulogy


30  minute consultation / In person / via phone or zoom

2 - 3 Full Page Word Documents Ready for Reading

One Edit to make any pertinent changes

Immediate delivery via Email

Eulogy and Reading


30 minute consultation / In person / via phone or zoom

2 - 3 Full Page Word Documents Ready for Reading

One Edit to make any pertinent changes

I  read the Eulogy Personally the day and time of service

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