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Legacy & Genealogy

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Susan Capurso and Kerri Tannenbaum, two professionals with aligned passions, have crossed paths multiple times. Recognizing the value of their expertise, they sought to offer their services in a way that would allow families to not only leave behind a personal legacy but also provide future generations with a complete tapestry of their history.


Susan specializes in assisting individuals in creating and designing their own personal legacy story, incorporating their experiences, history, and life details from their earliest memories to present-day, alongside their hopes for the future.


On the other hand, Kerri's exceptional service involves locating records and constructing the stories of ancestors spanning multiple generations. Through her genealogical research, Kerri makes new discoveries and provides answers to long sought-after questions. Understanding your family history and its connection to the present is a profound experience that every family longs for and deserves.


While Susan and Kerri work independently, both are dedicated to helping families bring their stories and history to life, creating a cherished treasure that will be passed down through countless generations.

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The "Story of Your Life" coffee table book is the culmination of four interview sessions turned into a 12x12 hardcover keepsake full of stories and photos that will be treasured for generations to come.

Historical Genealogy

Thorough research and investigation encapsulating your historical lineage and ancestral history. Whether a hardcover book or report, your history will shine through with clarity and depth.

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Legacy Book Specialist

Susan Capurso


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Kerri Tannenbaum


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Legacy & Lineages: 

Preserving Your Personal Story and Your Family History for Future Generations 

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