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Books to Guide and Support You and Your Loved One 

Through an End of Life Journey


Coming Full Circle - 100 Tools, Tips & Ideas that will make a difference during the end of your life

Coming Full Circle is a book for every individual nearing the end of life. This book is also for every caregiver, friend, family member or professional who helps guide and support the person travelling this journey.


End of Life is inevitablefor every single one of us. There are things you can do to change the course. 

  • You will feel more connected with the people you love, therefore, feel the closure you need before you go 

  • You will help your friends and family grieve easier in their own journeys

  •  You will leave a thumbprint in amazing and profound ways that you never thought possible

Remember Me - The Story of My Life

A book to be filled out by everyone over 50! We lived a full life, we are born with unique and valuable gifts, experiences, and have too many memories to share. Giving your family this unique gift is a treasure. If they aren't asking now, don't worry, they will be. 

This is the story of your life. Each page gives you prompts to get your memories and creative juices flowing. You will fill in your story, the one that will become invaluable to your family for generations to come. 

While the memories are clear and concise, get to work. Leave it on the coffee table and fill out one page a week. We are all the ancestors today, no matter what your age. Validate their lives and give them the roots and heritage they will be searching for. 

What our customers are saying

Dear Susan,

"At the beginning of Covid, I bought my Nana your book to keep her occupied during the many lockdowns her building faced. Due to the climate of the world, I started to realize that things can change at ANY second, and that I wanted to make sure that I captured all the beautiful stories and phases of life that she went through in her 85 years. I wanted her handwriting to keep forever. Your book gave me that and more! I found out things she went through that I never knew about. Unfortunately, she passed away a few weeks ago, but I am so happy that I found your book when I did because I now have something that I can pass down through our family for generations to come. Thank you for all that you do."

-Kristen Kupfer


Get a copy of Remember Me - The Story of My Life and a copy of Coming Full Circle and a get your discount today!

Embracing your story and "Coming Full Circle" may not be on your mind yet. In these pages, you'll find the tools and ideas you'll need to strengthen the bonds and deepen the connections with the people you love.

When given a terminal diagnosis, you're given a rare opportunity to love, be loved, and shine a light on everyone around you. In this book you will find tools and ideas to bring you the closure you need.

Through my prompts and direction, in "Remember Me - the Story of My Life," I will take you back to a moment in time where you will creatively preserve your thoughts, memories and experiences. Leaving your thumbprint in history is a treasure you will gift your family for generations to come. We are living in a disconnected world and all have to do our part in connecting one generation to the next. Your knowledge and perspectives on life have the power to change the course of history. Leave it on the coffee table, fill out one or two pages a week. You are giving your family roots and the heritage they deserve. You are the ancestor today no matter what your age. Completing your story will become the family heirloom for many decades to come.

Before You Go - E Book

In this small ebook, you will find 10 ways to bring peace, balance and closure into your end of life journey. Essentially you will learn how to bring balance into this very unbalanced time. 

This will be the most difficult journey of your life for both you and for the the people you love. Learn how to bring calmness into the last chapter of life.


"The End of Life Journey and Beyond" Presentation

Sit back in the comfort of your home and watch the hour long presentation that speaks clearly yet gently about the end of life process from the onset through bereavement. 

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