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End of Life Doula Mentoring

 A hundred years ago, it was normal to die with all your family and friends surrounding you. There are still many countries who hold this value true to their hearts and help their loved ones pass with honor and dignity. As we know times have changed.  We have recognized this in the past few years and have nationally recognized End of Life Doulas as being an adjunct or compliment to the hospice and medial teams. We are trying to help people do dying right. In a loving and positive way, we an help insure every experience is one filled with love and kindness. 

I too was called to do this work. Through a roller coaster of life experiences and professional knowledge, I embarked on what was to become the most meaningful journey of my life. I have to say, it's been tough. I joined many networking groups, met all the right people and shook the right hands. The journey has been long and difficult, certification was the easy part. One thing I remember thinking, from DAY ONE, was " How I wish I had an experienced End of Life Doula to guide me and give me direction". I knew no one. Outside of a personal mentor, I felt alone. Even in my business groups I felt alone. They could help to a point and did give me valuable knowledge but I didn't have an experienced Doula to go to for help. I've said this so many times yet still trekked ahead in my journey and passion for this work. 

I know others need guidance. No matter what phase you are in now, I will help. You are not alone. I know how I've struggled and this is the reason I'm extending a hand to you. A Doula business is challenging. I will help guide you one step at a time and help you with the resources you need to get there. I will help you find your individual niche in the world to offer your clients. Through working with one another, you will develop and grow your endeavor into a full or part time business. I've been through the things you are going through now without getting the help I needed. I believe it took me a lot longer. You are different.  Let's get started today. You'll be so happy you did. 

Lot's of information, be ready to blossom in your garden!

Two Hour Sessions - One on One Consultation ( As long as needed) 

Via Zoom or Phone  - $150



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