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Life Change Planner

Susan Capurso – Spiritual Doula & Life Change Planner

Life is all about change. A change in your situation — like getting married, having a baby, surviving a loss, making a move or conquering a professional journey to name a few.

Susan began her own journey as an End-of-Life Doula, Personal Development Coach and Legacy Specialist. Learning how life evolves every day for every single one of us, Susan’s clients needed more. 

Not only with the changes that End of Life brings, but the changes needed to help bring life full circle. With a major in Life Changes and a minor in Bringing These Changes to Fruition, Susan helps you to figure it all out with focus, detail and on purpose. 

So Many Life Changes

Changes in our lives make up our timeline or roadmap. You are the driver and Susan is the navigator. A plan of action helps you prioritize what is important to you, make decisions based on these priorities and move forward toward the result you want to achieve.

Providing a clear path through the changes, both spiritually and holistically, provides you the guidance, support and flexibility that will reflect the life you are

choosing… and/or given. 

Guided Navigation

When life changes, priorities and values change. It’s important to have a plan in place. Getting from here to there no matter what your circumstance … is key.

Taking back control of your life now… will provide your life’s future, exactly the way you want it to be.

Susan is your guide and will pinpoint your personal desired change, then help you determine how you want to live. Finding what is important to you will give you the break through to achieve the end result that you are looking for. 

A Carefully Designed Plan

As a Spiritual Planner, Susan helps people create a plan that is aligned with your desire and purpose. 

Utilizing universal tools and principles, Susan encourages her clients to stay on track even when they falter so that they can move through and forward, while connecting with who you truly are.

No Matter the Change May Be

By implementing changes, navigating and re-directing your change with a deeper and a more holistic approach, you will break through to the next step with purpose and ease.

With direction and guidance, you'll soon learn to remove the roadblocks and bring your end result to fruition – No Matter Your Change May Be!

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