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The Legacy Book Project was created to to help people leave their stories, memories and experiences... not only for their families and friends, but for the generations to come that you'll never get the chance to meet. This was only the beginning. Below you will find a series of Legacy Book Projects to meet your particular theme. Nothing is ever set in stone. Your book can be as personalized as you'd like.


The quality of the finished product is superb! The final product is a 12x12 hardcover book filled with approximately fifty to one hundred pages. The pages are a very thick card stock, not your average paper that can ripped or torn. The book is made to last through many generations.


This is not your average photo book. This is a four week project that consists of approximately 10 hours of dialogue recorded on audio, followed by weeks of arranging, designing and editing both the story and photos to be included. The story is spoken by you, recorded and written by me, then woven and designed through focus, our many conversations and communications. Similarly to a ghost written book, this will be completely your story.


We have a conversation. With my prompts, your memory takes you to a moment in time. Your brain is a powerful mechanism that helps you to remember even the most difficult memories. Holding a tangible and beautifully constructed book after completion, enables you to leave a lasting Creative Legacy for the people you love. 


This project involves time, thought, creativity and love on both our parts. The process is a simple one. We have fun along the way while building a trusting friendship. Whether in person or via zoom each week, this is a safe space created just for you.




Click on the Contact Us button below. Our call will explain the process and details of the project. 

  • We will schedule our 4 sessions. 

  • You will email the photos to be used as our sessions unfold. 

  • Approximately three weeks after completion, you will hold your treasure in your hands. Get started today!

    (If there is a particular occasion or theme that you'd like your book to be about, please ask. This project is not limited to the samples below.)




Call today for current packages.

The Book Reveal! Magical!

The Legacy book gets shipped to me first. Words can't describe how exciting it is for me to open and unpackage the final creation. It's exhilarating to see how simple and fun conversations with my client, can turn into such a profound treasure for their future generations. I unwrap it, inspect it for damage and call my client to schedule our final session together. 

Just a note - In this video, the cameral doesn't zoom in too much to ensure their words and photos are not revealed intentionally... for privacy reasons.

Call me with any questions. 631-946-8100

What our customers are saying

Thank you for all of your hard work Susan! I'm so happy to have connected with you! My client loves her book and looked forward to connecting with you each week, we couldn't be happier! 

- Maria Wenstrom - Geriatric Care Manager NY

Sample Project Ideas


"Will she ever really know me?"

Legacy Book Project- Origional

Our #1 choice for clients! The project is literally, the story of you. 

In the end, you'll have a carefully created and designed fifty to a 100 page book with photos and stories to share through the decades.

Stories about your life, your memories, your family and more.

Life flies by so quickly, if you don't take the time now to leave your thumbprint in history, you never will. 

A Project for Everyone!

This Is For: Parents, Grandparents, Baby Boomers, Entrepreneurs, Early Dementia, Terminal Diagnosis... Everyone... We all have a story!

You have the power to do this now, in your words. Give a call today and learn more about the original Legacy Book project.

This is a fun project to complete whether you are young, older or in-between. We all have a story and generations from now, they will searching to know more. 


Has genealogy been a passion of yours? It's time to take it to the next level and not leave it behind for others on a PAPER TREE! 

In this project, we work together to include all of the information that you've discovered along the way. With your memories and knowledge, we create a historic and visual masterpiece. You will pass on this valuable treasure through the generations and for all of your bloodline to learn and enjoy. 

On your paper tree you have a storyline of your findings through bullets and main points found. In Genealogy Explained, it's a more in depth and personal journey filled with your timeline, photos and most importantly... words filled with your feelings and emotions. 

What a project! A historical approach to educating your future in a profound and loving way.


The stories and memories that you've compiled over the years are overflowing in the treasure chest of your mind. In "Movie Reels," we create a book filled with the many relatives in your life both past and present. 

We include close and immediate family members as well as the extended family you've known about along the way. With photos and stories, you'll educate your family and their future families as time travels on. 

You are not creating a drama filled screenplay but a factual compilation of who they were, and/or are now and a bit about them. Where they live and thrive, what they do for a living and who their family members are. This can be as simple or elaborate as you'd like.

A historic way to leave many thumbprints in the world besides your own, what a valuable gift to your family.


Most people love the Mom's they are gifted. Do you tell her often enough? 

In this unique and one-of-a-kind gift, you will be telling her... everyday of her life. Your gift will become the treasured coffee table book that she will show off until the end of time. 

Not a typical photo album. The story of "Celebrating Life With My Mom" is a deeper way to connect and show her your love. It is in essence a book, written by you and ghost written by me. 

It's filled with photos, stories, experiences, memories and more. Family is everything!  The whole point in living a fulfilled and memorable life here, is to be sure that our loved ones know it and feel it. What a better way to do this... it will certainly be their most treasured and valuable gift. 


You live for your downtime! You live to make memories through travel, vacations and even weekend adventures. You are taking photos now that usually don't get downloaded into physical copies. 

It's time to change the trajectory and incorporate as many of these journey's into one hard cover, quality made detailed adventure. 

Not sure how? No worries, I'll guide the process for you. Whether you have printed or digital photos, we will create "Our Family Travels" into one summary of the life shared and the memories made with the people you love. What a treasure!


So many of us have recipe's that are handed down from generation to generation. It's so much fun to make the dish and to talk about the stories that go along with making the food. 

Socializing and communing over the table is a tradition that extends back to the beginning of time.  Recipes bond and connect you with the roots in where they originated.


This is not your typical recipe book. This uniquely created treasure will be passed down through the centuries. Not only with recipes, with the stories behind each one, where they came from and who created them. Add your favorites or ask family members for theirs and put their names next to them. 

A fun project that will impact the whole family! (Note: extra books can be purchased at an additional cost)


Losing a friend is horrific, not only for their family, for their friends as well. Spending hours on end with friends in your life brings feelings and emotions that feels like losing a family member. 

In "Missing Our Friend" we are able to create a book for the family ...from a group friends who are feeling that same loss. This can be completed by one friend or a group of many friends. The more friends the better, they will each submit a special story or memory to be included in the book. 

The sessions will take place in a recorded zoom room, enabling the stories and memories to flow with ease. This project is a great way to weave your love together in one basket and present it to the family in a unique and treasurable gift. 

When we lose a friend, often, there is not much we can do besides attend the two hour wake. Now there is. Connecting your hearts to your friends family will give them a loving peace like no other. 


I love this book! When I was 17 years old, I had an aha moment. I realized that the grandmother I loved and knew for 17 years of my life, I really didn't know at all. That's right. I knew she liked to cook and take care of my grandfather. I knew she did laundry and loved to have her grandchildren over on the weekend. I knew she loved Days of Our Lives.That's all I knew. 

I mailed her a letter as she spent winters in Florida. I was very personal as I told her I wanted to know her more. I didn't know anything about when she was young, about her family, the things she liked to do or how she met my grandfather. I wanted to know about her experience being pregnant with my Mom. I just wanted to know!

The afternoon she received my letter, she had a stroke and passed on. I never got to ask her any of this and it always haunted me, even today. Don't let this happen to your future generations. "For My Grandchildren - Everything You'll Want to Know" will do exactly this. Now's the time to stay connected.


Remembering helps pave the course of our future. Unfortunately, as time passes our memories are muted and can fade. The loss of a family member is heartbreaking for everyone. Keeping their memory close to your heart is essential to moving forward in a healthy way.

"Our Mom & Dad" tells the story of their life. This can be for any person that you've lost along the way. The story will speak about them in a detailed way. It will reiterate everything you know. This is important, not only for you and your family, but for the generations who will come after you. You are documenting for history and for love.

Knowing their story will help others learn and grow in a way they couldn't have before. It will give them roots and a connection to a past that they will want to know about one day. You have the power and resources to get this in writing for them now... for all of them. 


Are you a believer in the LAW OF ATTRACTION! Our words and thoughts become things. If you put them out into the universe they will come back to you in profound ways. Making yourself a magnet for the things you want in life takes precision and focus.

This Visualization Tool - "My Life in Color" is your starting point to the Law of Attraction Manifested. Your dreams, wishes, thoughts, desires and feelings are purposefully designed in the blueprint of your future. 

Sure... there are vision boards. This is a bit different. This is a story of you... the way you see yourself and your future to be. Included are photos... detailed photos of the journey you see yourself on... from this day forward. There is carefully created verbiage included that will read "AS IF" you've already manifested the dream. 

This is a fun-filled yet purposeful project that will propel you into the world you wish to create for yourself, beginning today. Getting started is key!


Thank them for bringing you so much life in this lifetime. A story of your love, your words, thoughts and stories that are creatively designed in a one of a kind and unique screenplay of your lives together.

Many people don't realize that things can happen in an instant. They realize this ... when they happen. Fortunately for you, I am here to tell you that things happen and change the course of your life in minutes. 

Create "A Screenplay of Your Lives" now. Thank them for being there. Write the book with me and show your gratitude and appreciation for all they've given you during the course of your time together. 

These are things we don't often say to one another. If you are reading this... you have the opportunity. Thank your LOVE now, while you can. Tomorrow is never promised. 


There are no words that can express the shear helplessness and distraught that losing a child can bring. These feelings and emotions are not short lived. They last a lifetime. Moving forward is nearly impossible. 

Journaling is a part of the process. Photos are another part. Keeping your memories vibrant and colorful are essential. In this heartfelt project, we work together to create their story. Loving memories and happy moments to cherish always. 

With my prompts and your thoughts, we work together to bring forth this beautiful hard cover book that will tell their beautiful story from the day they were born. I wouldn't call this a difficult project ... I'd call it a magical treasure to be read over and over and over again. 

You can feel at peace with this, your project unfolds with complete sensitivity and understanding of your loss.


Through life, we have themes and traditions that our families follow. What a great way to share these. We include photos that you have collected through the years. The best part is being able to tell the stories and emotions behind them. 

Speak about the memories, the gatherings and the most important part of your holidays. Whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah or any other, we will summarize what the holidays have meant to you along the way. 

Tell your stories, talk about your creativity, even include a recipe or two with your holiday staples. A beautiful way to share the love, your connections and the memories you've both created.


In this lifetime, as humans we suffer loss and embrace our successes and happy times just the same. When you've worked hard in your life and travelled your journey through all it's ups and downs, never giving up, focus, determination and hard work can lead to accomplishment and success

You too should be celebrated! You too should leave your thumbprint in history to encourage, inspire and motivate those around you ... and those who come after you. 

Through our four sessions together we uncover your road from the beginning to where you are today. We'll include photos and testimonials. Your journey should be celebrated! Don't wait for the rainy day that may never come along.

A GREAT GIFT for the person in your life who is very important to you.


You tell your Daughter you love her. You hug her and give her a kiss when she leaves the house. Does she know how deeply you love her? 

Does she know how you lost sleep at night worrying about her out with friends? Does she know how your gut ached every time she left the house with "that boy?" Does she know how it felt as she flip flopped in your stomach for nine months of your life? And does she know how you secretly went home and cried the night of her wedding? 

There are many things you've shared with your daughter over the years. Now, solidify it in a tangible book, authored by you with photos and words of your life spent together. Let her keep this by her night table to glance at during the week, especially those nights that she might feel alone or afraid with life's challenges. 

Do you have to write a book like this? Certainly not. Would it change your daughters world? ABSOLUTELY!


Of course having a son is quite different from a daughter. They move on with their lives and it feels like they don't look back long enough to make sure you've made it through the week. 

There are the exceptions and I know a few. They pop over with bags of grocery's and chocolate... just because! It doesn't matter which category they fall into, I've seen most sons jump in a moments notice should Mom call. 

Boys are special, they are each unique in their own loving way. Some more than the other but we love them with all our hearts... still. 

A project like this one can be life changing. Your first thought might be, "Sure, I bet I'll find it one day on a basement shelf in his house." And I'd beg to differ. Our son's need our love more then we know. We have the power to give them the roots and connection that they may never feel as they age. 

Let him know how much you care and how much love you feel for him. It will not only do wonders in his world, it will do even more for you! 


Being pregnant and giving birth to your child is probably the best day of your life. There's something surreal about the whole experience. 

The memories you have before, during and after they are born fade after time. They do! As with many other memories in life, the every day special moments fade from our lives. Don't let this happen to you.

While the memories are still colorful and vibrant in your mind, let's get together and create the story that tells them how blessed you felt during this time and how honored you are to be their Mom. 

We start in the beginning, your relationship, your pregnancy, to the birth and thereafter. You'll talk about it all all the way to today. The memories will be fresh, unlike 30 years from now. 

Having this book will solidify your love for them. Your child will always feel and know that they were wanted and loved beyond any measure in time. You will create a work of art with my guidance and creativity. Let's get started!


"To our teacher - Here you will find lessons and messages from all of your students during 2021-1022. You are special, kind, smart and so caring! Please take this out every year and know how much you are cared for and appreciated! Thank you for being the best!"

Every teacher deserves a book like this in their career. There is nothing like having a teacher who touches your life in profound ways. My third grade teacher did this for me and I'll never forget it, ever!


It takes a person like you to take the lead. The way this book is created is a little differently then the others. One parent will be the point person. You will send each parent a note about the project and have them mail you a check. $35 per child will cover the cost. 

(25 student minimum please.)

In the note we will both create to the parents, we will have a form that they will fill out in their child's words. In our next session, you will bring the completed messages and I add them to the book. I add quotes, parent testimonials, photos and more. 

A fun project, even for you! What a loving and kind gift! Be the one!


Certain sisters can be the most important person in your world. They mean everything to you and you can't imagine being here on earth without them. Do they know?

Can you imagine a world without her? Of course not. Isn't it time to let her know. The story you create will begin as far back to the first memory you have with her. You're bedrooms and the things you did together as children. 

We'll travel through your teen years and onto your older selves. After completion, you will gift her with the most treasured present you've ever given her. You will confirm the bond you both share and leave a thumbprint in history for your future generations to see and learn from. 

Share the love and let her know how much she means to you! 


Dads are special and if you have a terrific one, you are blessed beyond measure. Whether you're a man or woman, if you have a super fantastic Dad... you need to let him know. 

Especially Dads who are getting older. As men age, they contemplate their lives and wonder if they were valued, it they did enough or were good enough to their families. Not all, but many of them. 

Confirming your love and appreciation can be life changing for them. Often we give Mom special gifts, take her places or do something special for her. As time passes, I think the good Dads get overlooked sometimes. 

Gift them a coffee table book that will validate your love and relationship with them. Let them know how they've helped you to become the son/daughter that you are today. We will tell them how they've shaped your life in so many wonderous ways

Don't wait, get started on this today!

The Friend By My Side

Animals are a huge part of our lives. For some, they play a role that's larger then huge. Whether your friends have been dogs, cats, horses or any other, the profound love we get to share with them is beyond our understanding. 

In this one of a kind and unique memorial, I take you through your love of animals as a child through adulthood and onto your first encounter with your special friend. 

We'll cover stories, experiences and memories. We fill the book with photos and more. Wonderful for a single pet, multiple pets, breeders, boarders, veterinarians and more. 


There are many different religions and spiritual practices in our world. We have traditions and beliefs that are in our family for life. 

In "Our Spiritual Heritage" you'll create your spiritual journey. How it began early in your life and why you value the beliefs that you do. 

This is a special and one of a kind family book. Your lessons will surely be valued and appreciated by all who read it. You'll be teaching your future generations through your thoughts, ideas and experiences. 

Insisting that your children attend church during their lifetime doesn't guarantee they are learning as they should. If your beliefs are strong, it will be your guidance that tells them why. Your children will hear you and remember YOUR words. 

It will mean more to them, even if they are learning on their own. The lessons you've learned and lived through during your years are valuable to you. They can be just as valuable to your family if you spend the time to document and share them.  This can be a life changing experience for both them and for you as well.  

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