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east end doula care

Susan Capurso - CEOLD

Susan Capurso is an End of Life Doula, Legacy Creator, Course Creator, Consultant and Author of "Remember Me - The Story of My Life",  "Before You Go" and "Coming Full Circle." Susan is a Mom of two boys, Jimmy and Jesse and lives on Long Island in New York. 

As a Doula, she supports and guides an individual and their family holistically, emotionally, practically and spiritually in their End of Life journey while specializing in leaving their stories and memories for generations to come. She does this for both End of Life Individuals and for people who are vibrant and healthy, enabling them to leave their stories and experiences in writing, video and audio, while the memories are clear and concise. After all, we are all the Ancestor's today.

Susan is Certified as and End of Life Doula, Senior Specialist and Advanced Directive Consultant by Doulagivers in NYC. She is a certified Patient Advocate with "Pulse", a nonprofit on Long Island and with "Stony Brook University's Patient Advocacy Council." 

Susan is a Hospice Volunteer and takes part in Bereavement workshops. She is on the board for the National Aging in Place Council and gives back to Long Island Communities through workshops and events including NAIPC, EFF, WPN, AETNA, Dignity and more. 

Susan is an Adjunct Professor with Stony Brook University Hospital in providing CE Credits to Social Workers and through workshops. Susan presents several workshops throughout Long Island on "Legacy Work", "End of Life Rituals and Vigils" and "Celebrating Life and Legacy" for private groups, in facilities and various organizations Island Wide. 

Susan has been Nationally Recognized in several publications including but not limited to: Newsday, NY Post, The Long Islander, The Sag Harbor Express and the Long Island Press. She has been featured in several blogs and on Long Islands Cablevision, the TV Show " Between the Covers" and on the "Long Island's Breakfast Club" Govs. Radio Show, "The Crisis Planner's" Radio Show among several others. 

Susan offers workshops utilizing her book, "Remember Me - The Story of My Life" both privately, home parties, local venues, online adventures and corporate events. She has introduced the use of audio and video in facilitating completion of the book as well.

For More Information please contact Susan via email, 

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