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Feeling Like You Again!

Transformational Grief Mentor 

- Susan Capurso

There's no better transformational & spiritual mentor then Susan Capurso. Susan's published several books about end of life. She lives and teaches the art of doing end of life in a better way... before, during and after loss. She's inspired and educated both live and online audiences to embrace life in the present moment and to celebrate your loved ones with love, grace and peace.



Is It Possible to Find the Way Back to Me?


Are you struggling to find your way back to yourself after a loss? It's common to feel like life's challenges have taken over, leaving you overwhelmed with grief and a sense of powerlessness. 

Susan Capurso knows there's another path. Despite the hardships, there are ways to navigate through the pain and find peace.


In this Transformative Grief Mentor Program, you'll discover how to move forward and reclaim your sense of self. Whether you're feeling confused, lost, or stuck in sadness, this program offers the support and guidance you need to find peace and hope once again.




Wondering if This Transformative Walk is for You?

Let's explore this transformative journey together:

  1. Can you dedicate 90 minutes, once a week, for 4 weeks to join Susan in a private Zoom session? Together, you'll navigate a personalized journey aimed at helping you navigate this challenging time with grace and resilience.

  2. Are you ready to move forward, but you might feel uncertain about where to start?

  3. Can you open your heart, spirit, and mind to invite positive change and find a clearer path forward?

  4. Each week, can you commit to a small, actionable step aligned with the theme of the week, guiding you from where you are to where you want to be?

  5. Can you embrace the incremental steps that will lead you to feeling lighter and, most importantly, to feel like yourself again?

This personalized four-session program is not a generic online course. It's a one-on-one experience creatively tailored to address the four essential areas that will support you the most. Your focused attention and commitment are key to our journey together.


How Can This Transformational Grief Journey Help You?

In this unforgettable journey, you'll have a safe space to unleash your fears, anxieties and feelings of hopelessness with your loss. However, you will also get clear on the changes that you want to take place moving forward. 

You'll learn through simple exercises, mediations and various tools, to help remove certain obstacles from your path. With Susan's guidance and support, each week you will work on a particular theme, one that you have chosen at the start of this journey, and deep dive in a personalized way that will create a transformation that is right for you on your own personal timeline.


Each session will include the following: 

  • Your personal story and the difficulties in your week. 

  • How to install new and empowering beliefs on the weeks theme.

  • How to get clear on the things you value most and the things you want moving forward.

  • How to expedite the power of your healing with targeted and true strategies.

  • Tips on beginning again with steps to take to get there.

  • What's needed to take action each week to achieve success in the particular area of focus.

  • Techniques and recommended readings or resources to dive deeper into the weeks theme.

  • Tools to change the ways you are feeling about the things that are hurting you most right now.

  • Engage in ways to help you find balance and restore your unbalanced way of living.

  • Learning the importance of finding your way to happiness, one small step at a time.


Some People Have Asked...

Is Susan a Medical Professional, Psychologist or Psychiatrist?


No, Susan is non-medical. She serves holistically, practically, emotionally and spiritually. Susan Capurso is a Certified End of Life Doula and Legacy Specialist. Susan has personally lost 14 immediate family members and for the past decade has Certification's as a Hospice Volunteer, Bereavement Specialist, End of Life Podcast Co-Host, Funeral Celebrant, Memorial Celebrant, Author, Online Digital Course Creator and Healing Garden Founder. Susan is on the board of the National Aging in Place Council, two Patient Advocacy Councils and on Stony Brook University's In-Patient Experience Committee. Susan has served clients nationwide as well as locally, Long Island New York.


I've attended a bereavement group in the past and it wasn't right for me, how would this program be different?


Bereavement Groups are wonderful and help benefit so many people in many ways. Sometimes, a person may not get the individual and personal support that they need in a group. Your time together with Susan is specifically designed to meet your particular needs. There are no two plans alike, hence, there are no two people alike who grieve in the same way. You will receive your pre-screening Grief Summary to put a plan in place before your journey begins.



I Really Want to be Sure That This Approach is Right for Me?

In life, there is meaning, even in suffering. Loss and challenges can shake us to our core, leaving us feeling alone and questioning our purpose. But you are still here for a reason, and finding your unique purpose and healing is within reach.

By making subtle changes in your life, you can transform grief into inner peace, grace, and spiritual awareness. 

It's natural to shut down in the face of pain, but with Susan's guidance, you can redesign your grief and step back into your true essence. She'll help you embrace your present self and find peace within yourself and the world.

I Can't Wait to Get Started! What Should I Do Next? 

1. BE SURE to listen to the short video at the top of this page to be sure this is the right time to start this program.
2. BE SURE you've read each section on this page to be sure that you feel this is a good fit for you. 
3. MAKE YOUR PAYMENT via the online shopping cart below.
4. Welcome! Call to set a 4 week schedule that works for both of you. 
After your dates are scheduled with Susan, you will receive via email:
a. Grief Summary Document to be filled out and returned.
b. Paid in Full Invoice for payment
c. Contract to be signed regarding working together.


Transformative Grief Program

  • Straightforward action plan, support & guidance to help you to attain more peace and balance, in 4 personalized, key areas of your life.

  • An exclusive PDF for each lesson upon completion, handcrafted by Susan, filled with information to support your understanding.

  • Clear guidance on how to use your thoughts, words, and actions to create change in your life after your loss.

  • 4 Ninety Minute, one to one, personal sessions - once a week. 

  • Opportunity to continue your journey moving forward.

STEP TWO - CALL 631-946-8100 to Schedule DATES & TIMES

What our customers are saying

"I loved the different approach in dealing with the topics that I needed to the most. I even loved the action step each week, it kept me focused on implementing the steps to move towards more peace and less chaos 

in my thinking. Thank you Susan!"

-- Lynn

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