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At anytime during a Transition Process, we are scared. This is a natural way to feel. We don't have directions, we weren't given a manual on what to expect and how to deal with the signs and symptoms associated with End of Life. How are we supposed to know? Even Google doesn't seem to help right now. 

When my husband of 25 years became ill with the Flu, spending 55 days bedside in the hospital taught me a few things. My days taught me the medications he was on, the names of the tests performed on him each day and I even learned the shift nurses names. 

What it didn't teach me is the reason for this page. During his final days, I was scared out my mind. My body was filled with fear, anxiety, nervousness and incomprehension. I was over tired, over stressed and just wanted to crawl in the corner and put a blanket over my head. I had two boys about to come into the room and watch their Dad die. Was this the hardest thing I've ever had to do? You bet. 

What I remember most about these moments was the disconnect I had with the process that was about to unfold. I thought if I knew what to expect and what could be done, I would feel a little better and help my boys to see this would all be OK, this is a natural part of life. 

I remember walking up and down the hall, in and out of the room, asking so many questions and not getting direct answers. I wanted more information. I needed to know more, not later, right now. 

"I Need to Know - What is Going On?"

There are so many things that happen during End of Life. You may experience some of them, you may experience all of them. There is no question or thought too small or insignificant to ask us.

This time in your life can be done right. Although we tend not to believe this, death can be done right. There is no need for the experience to be chaotic and out of control. With proper guidance, we can purposefully implement a few things that will allow the process to flow with peace and ease. 

We are here for you. If you click on the button below, you can schedule a time with us to review where you are at right now, and discuss in detail the chain of events that may follow. At East End Doula Care, we believe you can never have enough education and guidance during this most Sacred event. 

We offer blocks of time for our telephone consults. Unfortunately, our schedules are busy, however your urgency will be ours as well. Click below, provide us with  a little information and we're on our way. 

We have your back, We hold your hand, We help you through. You've got this.

Time Blocks

1/2 Hour of Time

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1 Hour of Time

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3 Hours Weekly - unlimited

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What our clients are saying

My Mom was nearing her End of Life. East End Doula Care helped me prior to this in making recommendations regarding Hospice and other resources I needed through my Mom's process. While in the end stages, I knew I could reach out and I did. Susan assured me that everything going on was part of nature's process. Her information was valuable during this time, put my mind at ease and made me feel  like I was not alone. Thank you so much.

B. Goldman - Holbrook New York

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