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Welcome to the 

"Sands of Time" 

Video Series

Welcome and thank you for visiting. It's important for our society to become more comfortable with dying yet so many people are simply afraid of what's to come. As a Doula, I support and guide a person and their family before, during and after. Through a series of educational videos, Lisa, a like minded End of Life advocate, and I will offer you weekly videos to help navigate the end of life journey. Please reach out with any questions or help needed along your path. 

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The Shock Phase

Understand the beginning. When an individual and their family hear the news of a terminal diagnosis, life stands still. Learn how, what and why this first phase is called... The Shock Phase.

The Stabilization Phase

After the Shock Phase, the Stabilization Phase is now a time to understand and accept the road ahead. There are so many things that can be worked on during this phase and we touch on this here.

The Transition Phase

During this last chapter, The Transition Phase, there are many things to have in place in preparing for the End of Life. 

We touch a few here.

After Death - The Process

 The Process is different for everyone. Living our lives without our loved one with us can be debilitating. There's no right or wrong. Getting through the day is not so easy.


After a loss - everything happens in it's own time. It's a journey that is unique to everyone. No grief timeline is ever the same.


The journey after loss is different for everyone. It's unique and individual for everyone depending on relationships.

An Online Memorial Site

Let us show you a special and memorable site, a safe space to put all of your photos, information and special memories for you and for your family and friends. We explain the portal step by step. 

Leaving Love Letters

Love Letters are not only for your spouse, they are for your parents, children, nieces, nephews, friends and so many more. Here you'll hear about this niche topic that will get you started on your way.

Life Celebrations

Before End of Life before your loved one passes so they are the guest of honor, or afterwards... learn why Life Celebrations

 are so very important.

Jewelry Re-Purposing

Not sure what to do with your loved ones beautiful jewelry pieces? Learn a little more with Expert Jewelry Creator Amy Kanarek.

 Bereavement and Havening Specialist - Bill Solz

Our special guest Bill Solz dives into his experiences of loss, bereavement, trauma and stress. Havening is a very unique way to help individuals with many aspects of life.

Brian Tully - Elder Care Attorney

Our Special Guest Briant Tully talks about all of the important documents a person should have in place now and moving forward during the end of life. 

Creating Videos, Audios and Photo Ideas

Of all life's treasures... these are the most valuable! 

Crystal Gonzales Introduces the Importance of Preplanning Funeral Arrangements & more

Great Conversation with Crystal! Learn everything you need to know!

Support Books and More

As Authors, sometimes we forget to let others know about our own books we've written to serve others. Listen here to learn more about the things we do!

Celebrating Friends

Something that most don't think about during the end of life. Learn why it's so important to celebrate your friendships, not only for you but for all of the friends who will miss you moving forward.

Welcome the Amazing Linda Fostek!

Thank you Linda for speaking with us about being prepared for life's unexpected challenges! Great Conversation! 

Relationships After Loss

One of the biggest challenges after a loss, changing relationships. Tips, hints and idea and what to expect, especially the unexpected!

End of Life Doula and Creative Legacy Videos

Project Independence 

A conversation about being an End of Life Doula and helping others create their Legacy.

The Linda Fostek Show

A conversation about Legacy and why your stories are so important.

Radio and Interviews

The Business Power Hour

Interview regarding "The Sands of Time - End of Life" YouTube Channel created by Lisa Strahs-Lorenc and Susan Capurso where we educate and provide valuable End of Life information.

The Business Power Hour

Great night with a few terrific Authors. Interviewed about both books, "Remember Me - the Story of My Life" and "Coming Full Circle - When the Diagnosis is Terminal."

Between the Covers Interview

Remember Me - The Story of My Life - Interview with Stephanie Larkin of Red Penguin Books. 

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