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Welcome to the Healing Garden


"The Healing Garden" 

A comforting & thoughtful gift.

You have a big heart, your generous, kind and want to help but you just don't know how. 

Now you can send a box of  "care" and "I'm thinking of you."

You've been through loss, fear, grief and doubt. 

Now share a piece of your heart that now has a deeper meaning.

Help a friend to find peace and comfort, be the one.

*Please note that the stones arrive with a gloss resin, soft to the touch and packaged beautifully. The raw finish you see here is for photographic purposes only.

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What our customers are saying

5 out of 5 stars

Excellent product. I have a friend who lost both parents in less than 3 months apart. I wanted something special to help her during this difficult time of transition. This was the perfect gift. It shipped very quickly and my personal requests were honored. My friend loves it. It was just what she needed. I just purchased a second one for another friend. I’m extremely pleased. This will be my go to gift in times when healing is needed.

Debbee Jeter - ETSY

"The cancer healing garden bowl was such perfect gift for my friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. She loves everything it stands for and plans to incorporate it into her meditative practice. 

 Thank you for creating such a unique and thoughtful gift."

- Kerri Tannenbaum

The Original 

"Healing Garden Bowl"for Grieving

(Additional Bowl Themes Below)

The perfect sentiment for a friend or loved one who is grieving. 

This comfort bowl is a very special way to show you are thinking about them and care. This is a unique and personal expression, a heart felt message that goes beyond the individual messages on the stones. It's a therapeutic tool to help them heal and find peace through their journey. - This comes in a black bowl. (ADD ON - Please see below if you'd like to add your own personal messages)


Healing Garden Bowl for CAREGIVERS

Caregivers need care too!

Some by profession and others are family members caring for the people they love. Caregivers are giving people, constantly thinking about how they can help to make another person’s life a little easier. The problem is this… they are not robots… who cares for the caregiver? They need to be appreciated and cared for too.

Spiritual and Inspirational Healing Gardens

Silver Bowl- Inspirational Messages 

ADD ON: Your Own Personal Messages Included

The Healing Garden is a personal gift to begin with. I've had requests to send your own personal thoughts and messages on the stones. This can be done! You will need to add the above  "Healing Garden" to your cart first and then click on this "ADD ON" as well. You will have two separate items in your cart. 

Once the order is received, you will receive an email asking for the phrases you'd like to include and instructions to send them back. Your Healing Garden will thereafter ship with your own unique messages on them. 

Reasons to gift a healing bowl



It's in the air, the trees, the forests and the beaches. Nature surrounds us and has tremendous healing effects. Just take a walk down the block and you can feel the benefits. This is how "The Healing Garden" began... with nature.

The Healing Garden came to fruition in subtle yet profound way. After losing fourteen people in my life over a two year period, it's been very important for me to find healing and peace.


 They say when you are seeking the answers, the teacher will come. Many teachers came my way thereafter. I now meditate regularly. I visualize and breath deeply on a regular basis along with walking and other self healing tools. The word PEACE seems to be the one word I continually search for. How do we find peace after losing someone we love?

It's not easy. It's challenging to say the least. It's a private journey that can leave us feeling alone, confused and fearful. 


Through East End Doula Care, I've served clients nearing end of life. I've created a special gift for those who are suffering with their own loss and grief.

I worked in the flower industry for many decades. I believe in the beauty of gifting flowers. They are fresh, new, beautiful and help the recipient feel good and cared for. My heart breaks to see that such beauty will whither away in about a weeks time. This special gift will last forever. 


My purpose in creating The Healing Garden is more than a simple gift. It's a therapeutic tool that will comfort a person during the healing process. Each Long Island Stone has been carefully chosen along with the comforting phrases on each one. They are uniquely created in their shapes, sizes and words. The bowls they sit in may vary as well. 

You will find phrases like, "Reach out, lean on family or friends today," or "Comfort and nurture yourself today," or "Create a GRATEFUL list and add to it each day."

 These are only a few of many. 


There are usually 9-14 stones in the bowl, depending on their shape and size. Each are unique and glossy to ensure they are soft to the touch. There are directions on each box that you will see below. 

They arrive in a brown shipping box. The bowl itself is heat sealed so the rocks don't move around. Your bowl is ready to be gifted as is or wrapped to your liking once received. 

 Alternatively, you can ship it directly to their home as well. You will also find an "ADD ON" below should you have your own special messages to include instead of ours.


The Instructions Found on the Bottom of the Bowl - Sticker colors match the bowl color & the first paragraph is tweaked toward the themed sentiment.

Inside the brown shipping box you will find a heat sealed bowl that holds the stones. It's filled with bubble and shredding to ensure that it travels safely.

The rocks are different in size and shape. Each has it's own unique message. The glossy polyurethane is water based and has no scent. They are soft on the hands and easy to read.

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