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Will You Leave a Thumbprint in History?

Where mindful people transform their life story and memories into meaningful legacies so that they can educate and validate 

the lives of future generations.


4 Scheduled - 2 1/2 hour Zoom Sessions (Video and Audio) = 10 hours of history

Once you go, your life stories go with you. We never know when that will happen. Unfortunately, most of our ancestors did not pre-plan for us. Your thoughts experiences, perspectives and values can play a big part in the future. Through our Legacy Project, you will receive ten hours of recorded history on one or more flash drives to gift so many generations to come. A true treasure, more than the jewelry in your box or the tools in your chest, you are passing on a piece of your HEART! Your completed project will become a priceless treasure, be the one, think of the future and validate your future families existence.

As human beings we desire attachment, belonging and connection. The more we discover about our past, the greater connection we feel to ancestors and our roots. This can validate a person’s whole existence.

Now you have an opportunity to help educate your future generations and possibly change the course of history. We all need to know our heritage, where our past became our present.


Our families should know about what made their family strong and resilient. It allows your future families to be proud of you and connect with you, even though you’ve never met. 

Without the knowledge of your past history or culture, it's like being a tree and not having any roots. You have the power to change this today.

Upon completion, you will be delivered one or more Flash Drives to reproduce and own for hundreds of years to come. 

Call for more information - 631-946-8100

Why Should I Order a Legacy Package?

Whether for yourself or a gift for someone you care about, this is a unique and one of a kind gift.

We all have a story. When your great grandchildren's children, pick up your story one day, WOW! What a love like that can do. This is a treasure beyond any other treasure that you can gift your family. Not the tools in your chest, your Christmas House collection or the jewelry in your box. It will be the Story of Your Life. It will be your thoughts, ideas, experiences, and dreams, all wrapped in a pretty bow.

Your knowledge and experiences will educate and transform lives!

Life isn't just about creating memories. It's about remembering the memories we created by sharing our wisdom, in turn, helping future generations have a better tomorrow. 

Preserve the proudest memories in your life today while they are clear and concise, leave behind a legacy that your children will treasure with their family and friends forever.

       The Linda Fostek Radio Show                     Legacy Testimonial - Kathy C.

The Crisis Planner Radio Show

Pre-planning is key. On Linda Fostek's radio show, Susan explains the importance of leaving your own creative legacy behind for both your family and for the future generations you will never meet. You can help the people you love today by preserving their history so that it will help them feel more confident, educated, connected, validated and loved. Only you have the power to leave the roots that they will be searching yearning for tomorrow. 

Beautiful Testimonial!

Kathy C. speaks about completing "Remember Me - the Story of My Life." Listen to Kathy as she expresses why it's so important to leave a family legacy. Once you go, your life stories go with you.

For most of us it's unfortunate that our ancestors didn't have a way to leave their legacy behind. Imagine how powerful it would be to know more about your family history, not just your family tree but who your relatives really were. Now you have the opportunity to give the gift of legacy to your family for generations to come. Your thoughts experiences, perspectives and values can play a big part in the future.


"Remember Me - The Story of My Life"

Online Only Workshops 

Now Available

Work Book Included With Every Workshop

LEGACY WORKSHOPS ONLINE - Personal and Corporate - Online Zoom Room (Workbook Included)

Whether you have a group of friends like those above or you are looking to hold a corporate event, you can hold a zoom legacy workshop online. There is a per person fee, work book included. 

Looking for the right event to add value and substance for your employees can become a tiresome chore. Thinking outside of the box can add creativity and can have an impact on your employee and their family in so many ways. Need an idea for your nonprofit? 

Celebration of Life and Legacy is a unique and one of a kind workshop that your employees, their families  and friends will value for many generations to come.

Call for more information - 631 -946-8100

"What our friends are saying"

"I love Susan's ideas to celebrate our lives with our friends but especially the gift that our heart will leave to our family."

Edna Chisholm

"Your concept is FANTASTIC! You are sincere and speak from your heart, you are selling a "gift of love."

Noret Bazemore

"The event was very inspiring! I definitely reminded us of the things that are most important."

Kathrine Hansen

"What more friends are saying"

"Thank God for Susan and this Workshop! I will be forever grateful for helping me to be able to give this gift to my family." - June N.

"What a Great Workshop!" Susan @ Gurwin 

Free at-Home Legacy Starter Kit

Click below to download a free starter kit with basic questions to get you started in leaving a little history for the people you love. You can begin with this, then contact us about the Ten Hour In Depth Legacy Sessions.

"Loved the evening! I would absolutely recommend this. A great experience and I really enjoyed remembering my journey as I move forward in life, 

thank you!"

Barbara G. - Medical

Wonderful! It was great working on this with a group to help us remember and to laugh. the laughing 

was the best! 

Highly Recommended! 

Kathy C. - Marketing

Fun, Insightful and Inspiring! 

All because of you! 

Thank you so much! 

Monica M. - Realtor

A Treasured Gift

Leaving behind your memories resonate with so many more people then you know. There are no words to describe the magic in a person's eyes while reading and listening to the stories, thoughts, and emotions of a relative who lived a hundred years ago. A relative they knew nothing about.

We don't share our intimate details with relatives when visiting for a few hours on Christmas day. This is important! Your gift will carry on for so many generations. They'll be thanking you for so many decades to come.


Don't miss passing on this nugget of gold! 


We are all curious about our family histories and thankfully services like and have created ways for us to find out who is in our genealogy. We may find out their names and some factual data about them ... BUT do we really get to know them? Ensure that you're leaving behind the legacy and stories you want future generations to know and better yet ... start sharing those stories now. 

Let them know who you REALLY are. Your thoughts, your words and the history they WILL want to know about, YOUR history.

Past Clients

Stonybrook University Hospital

Dominican Village Assisted Living Community

Women's Prosperity Network

"55 and Fabulous" A Symposium for the Senior Community

Gurwin Nursing Home, Rehabilitation and Retirement Community

Oyster Bay Manor Senior Living

Dignity Funeral Services

The Bluestone Tavern and Grill

South Nassau Unitarian Universalist Congregation

National Aging in Place Council via Stonybrook Dept. of Social Workers

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