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"The Story of Me"

We all have a story. We carry strong emotions of who we were, who we are and who we will be one day. Especially as we get older. We start to contemplate, what happened to me as a child that made me the way I am today? What happened that led to the way I'm feeling today? 

While we are by no means a substitute for therapy, we do know there is always a "New" way of thinking. We follow 'The Story of Me' guide to discover and remold the stories that connected your past to the you now, in the present day.

Our lives and relationships are ever changing. To be able to acknowledge the past stories of your life can help you grow and define yourself, understanding the person you are seeing in the mirror today. Life is a collection of stories. We hold on to them with both hands and tell ourselves without them, we would be empty. Some of our memories however, shift and change in our minds over time. Journals are a prime example of how we live to unfold the meaning in our everyday life. The search for meaning and legacy can bring comfort to you now and in moving forward. Just as near the end of life, uncovering stories of the past bring spiritual comfort and closure to a persons life.

 Researching your story now, can help shape your understanding of your life so far, bringing emotional comfort where you need it the most.


One Thing We All Have In Common - End of Life - Let's Live Life to the Fullest, Today. 

If you had nine months to live, how would you feel? Do you think the way you look at life would change? What would you change? What would you avoid? How might you be freed up to live differently, to live courageously and with gratitude?

 What if you were given the opportunity to explore this as a possibility today?

In this unique, trans-formative and surprisingly fun-journey, we work together to discover what really makes us happy now, and how we can choose to live a more fulfilled and complete life. We start with our "5 Wishes" Living Will plan. Living and Dying can be done on our terms. We work on completing bucket lists, completing the "Story of Me", reviewing plans for the future finding ways to bring more happy into your life.

Our life changing plan is a project. We spend time, we discover who you are and where you want to go. 

We spend time soul searching, thinking outside of the box and finding solutions on how to make the next chapter, the best it can possibly be. 

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Self Discovery Packages

One Day - One Pow Wow

3 - 4 Hour Session

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3 Hours per Session

5 Meetings - Best Value! We can work details and take action!                 

3 Hours per Session

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