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Love and Peace in your Families Journey 

As parents, we never want to hear that there's anything wrong with our children. The thought of them being hurt or ill is incomprehensible. To hear that they may have a non - treatable illness or a life threatening condition that could lead to the end of life, is debilitating. Your world comes crashing down. The weight on your shoulders is heart breaking beyond measure. 

Questions need answering? 

How will you care for their every need. Will I be in the hospital, in a hospice or at home with the family. There are so many options to consider. Options you don't want to think about let alone make the decision on. You need balance in  your world right now. This is hard to do alone. 

East End Doula Care is there for you.  

We listen, guide, support and help you with resources and options available to you during this time. Between Hospice, your medical team, volunteers, family and friends, we will make a plan of support to carry out all of your needs and wishes during this time. We can be sure you have all the equipment you need to help this transition flow more smoothly, especially if you choose to take care of your child at home. You know what is best, let us help you facilitate this. 

It's an important time to make special memories together, this will help you feel more peace in this unbearable time. We can help you create new and special memories, keepsakes, memory books and memento boxes to hold close to your heart forever. Visuals and Audio's, projects we can work on that will stay you forever. Whatever you need, we can laugh, we can play, we can just hold a hand. We can watch TV or just play a game. We give you time to breathe, you need this now. This time is heart breaking for you. No one should have to go through this process in their lifetime. Unfortunately so many do. We are here to support you and your family and help your child to live the best quality of life possible. 

Life is different, all hopes and dreams seem to have dissipated and you just don't want to go on. This is understandable and it is natural during this time. You need a coordinated team, a full supportive circle to help and keep you at the center of this journey. You need help in making clear decisions on the little things in your everyday hours. This is essential now, let us help you bring in everything you need at this time, your family deserves this. 

We are here for you. Just holding your hand, attending Dr. visits or just being a shoulder. Together we can help your process flow more smoothly and with the most love and peace you deserve. This is so difficult for everyone in your circle, people just don't know what to do. Let us help you.


Just for today, why don't you lovea little deeper, laugh a little louder, hold the ones you love a       little tighter. Because tomorrow is NEVER promised, we only have today.

Packages of Time

"We will work with you, let us know what works best for your family"


3 hours per day / 3 days per week - (4 Weeks)

Respite Care

Anything needed during visits

Guidance, Support, Care


3 hours per day/ 3 days per week

Respite Care

Anything needed during visits

Guidance, Support, Care


6 hours / 1 day a week

Respite Care

Anything needed during visits

Guidance, Support, Care

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